Ethics and Practices

Preethi Hospital has highest standards with strict policy in following ethics and good clinical practice. These include the institute, doctors and staff while giving medical care to the patient as well as towards patient attenders regarding their health issues.

Ethics for the health provider

  • It is responsibility of the hospital and staff to clearly inform patient (Attender responsible for patient) to disclose completely of their health reports, treatment consequences and after effects.
  • Institute also inform the patient of the best available treatment options in this institute.
  • Hospital and health care provider will work with honesty,moral integrity & good clinical practices in treating the best of their knowledge as well as safe guarding the personal information of the patient.

Safe practices for the patient and their attenders

  • Patient has the right to seek all the information regarding their health problems.
  • Patient has the right to refuse in initiating as well as discontinuing the treatment available in this hospital.
  • Patient has the right to seek opinion regarding their illness and convey the same.