Anaesthesiology and Critical Care

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care

Anaesthesia services are pivotal for performing complex surgeries. We care when you are asleep. Going with the saying to treat pain is divine, we provide both acute and chronic pain services. Department of anaesthesia in preethi has evolved over time from a single consultant to four fulltime consultants. We have achieved expertise in neuraxial and usg guided nerve blocks with the availability of latest anaesthesia machine and usg machine, makes us one of the safest centre for anaesthesia in madurai. Our relentless efforts, helps in running the operation theatres 24*7, thereby making sure that there is nil delay in patient care. On an average we perform 100 spinals, 50 cse, 50 usg guided nerve blocks and 25 iv sedation.

Our salient features are,

  • Seven modular operation theatres with laminar air flow technology
  • State of art anaesthesia workstation with all ventilator modes and multipara monitors
  • First of its kind in madurai to give on-arrival block for acute pain relief
  • Pain clinic for catering the needs of patients with chronic pain syndromes
  • One of the few centres in madurai to use ultrasound machines for anaesthesia procedures
  • Continous infusion pumps for effective post – operative analgesia

Our team of Anaesthesiologists are experts,

  • In handling high risk cases like Polytrauma, Geriatric cases, Patients with multiple comorbids
  • Ultrasound and peripheral nerve stimulator guided nerve blocks
  • Central venous and arterial cannulation
  • Chronic pain procedures like SI Joint block, Caudal steroid, Selective root block, Facet joint block for patients with chronic back pain
  • Cancer pain management
  • Epidural analgesia to make Pain free normal delivery (labour analgesia)
  • Bedside echo and fast in casualty
  • Monitored anaesthesia care, while performing radiology on anxious and sick patients.

We in preethi hospital have a 50 bedded intensive care unit, which is equipped with state of art equipments, there by serving as a backbone in catering the needs of patients of all walks of life. Around the clock patient care is provided by experienced intensivists and well-trained staff nurses, making our’s one of the best ICU in madurai. Our best efforts helps us in producing great results and supporting all specialties.

Our team of intensivists have experience in handling,

  • Poly trauma
  • Post surgical care
  • Head injury
  • Acute coronary care
  • Acute respiratory care
  • Sepsis
  • Poisoning


Our facilities includes,

  • Ten latest ventilators with all recent modes of ventilation, enabling rapid patient recovery
  • Three dialysis machines with provisions for alltypes of dialysis including sled
  • State of the art multipara monitors which helps us in continous monitoring
  • Usg machine for cannulation and nerve blocks
  • Enteral nutrition
  • Nutritionist, to attend to special needs of patient
  • Bedside echocardiograpy and chest radiography
  • Active and passive physiotherapy
  • Arterial blood gas analyser
  • Modern medical cots with options for multi Positioning
  • Body warming systems
  • Rapid infusers and infusion pumps
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Consultant & Head

Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
MD., D.A
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr. Balaji T.
M. D. (Anaes)
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr. Santhosh V.
M. D. (Anaes)., FIPM
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr. Suresh J.
M. D. (Anaes) DNB
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr.Al.Shanmuga Priya
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr.Nithish Mukunthan
Dr. T. Rajaram Manoharan
Dr. U.P. Udhayavel

Pain Clinic
Wed & Sat
10:00 AM – 01:00 PM

Anaesthesiology and Critical Care
Dr. Balaji T.
M. D. (Anaes)
Anaesthesiology and Critical Care
Dr. Santhosh V.
M. D. (Anaes)., FIPM
Emergency HelpLine: 78100 44444